Fresh Air for Anorexia

I was terrified when we first realised that our daughter Katharine was losing weight rapidly and refusing to eat. Once we had had a diagnosis of anorexia things didn’t get any better. Research now shows that when parents are a significant part of the recovery process, outcomes are far better.

Our Journey with Anorexia – How a parent can be part of their child’s recovery.

In my book I explain what happened to us and go over in detail, steps you can start straight away to make a difference.

It is important to stop worrying about blame – it is neither their fault or yours.

You need to take responsibility.

Understand that your child and the anorexia are separate.

Learn how to communicate effectively.

Create a future for you all to believe in.

Create an honest and empowering environment.

Lead by example and look after yourself.


On line course coming soon!


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