For years I nagged my husband for a dog, thinking that if I had a dog I would have to walk every day. It eventually dawned on me that I could walk everyday without a dog. So on 19th of December 2013 I committed to myself that I would walk everyday. In the beginning I told no one. I made myself a very simple rule EVERY DAY FOR A MINIMUM OF 20 MINS. After a couple of weeks, I believed I could do it and so I tentatively told my family what I had committed to.

As the number of days built my confidence about sticking to it built and once I was up to 30, and then 60 and then 100 days it seemed like it would be a shame to cheat on myself so I kept going. Having my family on board was great, as my daughter will some times ask “have you walked yet today mum?”.  I am very lucky in that walking now makes up part of my working life, but on the days that I don’t have clients I still keep the commitment to myself.  Occasionally I have busy days when it gets to 10 pm at night and I haven’t found time in the day, and on those days I walk around our village quickly,  ideally heading down a dark lane so I can really see the stars and moon.

The reason I am sharing this with you is that this habit has changed my life. It has made me fitter and healthier, but not just physically. I feel calmer and more resilient. I have never been happier.  I NEVER regret going out for a walk, I never feel worse, I always feel better. It has given me space to reflect on my life and business, it has given me time to think about my relationships and it has given me some stillness in a busy life.

As I was out walking yesterday as ever I was struck by how much beauty there is out there and I wanted to share that with more people. So my next commitment is I am going to take a photo everyday on my daily walk and share it with you. I would really love you to do the same. I would love you to give this gift to yourself, because I know how being out everyday has helped me.

I would encourage you to get out everyday, but if that feels too much start with three days a week. 10 minutes is better than nothing, and by starting  I believe over time you will choose to increase that time (I don’t know when I last only walked for 20 mins). Keep it simple and achievable. I would love you to find green spaces and trees, but if that isn’t feasible, walk through the city, park your car 10 mins from where you are going and start to notice all the living things about you. Take a photo of whatever catches your eye, natural or man-made and share with #freshairfoto . I am so looking forward to seeing what inspires you and sharing your walks wherever they are.

Above all have fun, be kind to yourself and let the Fresh Air do it’s stuff for you. Happy walking!


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