Get creative, make space to think!

I stopped for a moment this morning, and realised, that it had been far too long since I had written anything on my Blog.  I asked myself why? and realised that January is a really busy month for me.   Whilst I usually have ideas going through my head all the time, this month my diary has been so full of things that I needed to get done and things I wanted to do for other people, that not only my diary but my brain were just  so full of stuff, there was no room to think!

I was listening to a CD in the car the other day (I subscribe to success magazine and there is a free CD with it every month) and Steve Shapiro was talking about the pit crews on Formula One cars.  He was describing how every fraction of a second counts, and the teams practise and practise until they can improve their times no more.  At a point when a particular team seem to have hit their minimum time, it was suggested that rather than worrying about their time, they concentrated on their style.  So as they performed their individual tasks they had to think the word “smooth”.  In doing so they managed the incredible feat of knocking  fractions of a seconds off their time.  Interestingly when asked the crew had felt like they were going slower when they were concentrating on performance rather than their time, but in fact they were going faster.

The lesson in all this for me is that I need to find ways in which to take the pressure off sometimes; to give myself time to think; to occasionally put things in my dairy that take me away from the everyday tasks.  We all work better when we are not under stress and new environments create new ideas, different strategies lead to different results.  Change can create innovation and break through. I must remember to make time to think “smooth” and I may even find that by doing so I create more time.

What can you do in the next few days that is different, and that can give you time to think in your own life or business?

I would love to hear from you…drop me a line


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