Are you happy with the way you business is going, or would you like to get more from it?  Is it working just the way you want it to or do you feel that it could be so much more…..” if only “?   Over the last six weeks I have been running a challenge with a small group of traders to ask 10 people a fortnight if they would be “interested in having a few friends round and I will bring the cards”.  For some people getting into this habit has had a profound effect on their business, so I thought I should share it with everyone.

So the Challenge:

ASK  10 (a fortnight) or one person everyday

If you are serious about having a business this is the key.  There have been times in my Phoenix life when I have done this without fail, and at those times my business has flown.  There have been times when I have been too busy doing   “Phoenix Stuff” and I haven’t asked someone everyday (I can give you loads of reasons (excuses) why I didn’t) and my business  has suffered as a result. I am building a vibrant business, which is why I intend to get back to this habit starting today.

Who to ask

Everyone, don’t pre-judge.  Ask everyone you know and come across.

So what do we have to say..

“I have been set this challenge where I have to ask someone everyday if they would like a card get together…….”

“Do you have any friends who you think would like to see these cards, you could invite them round……”

“I am just booking my diary through for the next few months and was phoning to see if you would like to have a few friends round….”

“I am just catching up with all my favourite people to see if they fancy a card get together.”

“We have this great offer that if you introduce me to some of your friends, you get your cards at a discount, is this something you might be interested in….”

“I have two dates free this month, I wondered if you might like to have some friends round…”


But I don’t have time to do parties!

You don’t have to be there, better if you are, but if you can’t get people to meet over a basket of cards.

Don’t worry about the outcome

Your challenge is just to ask someone EVERY day.  Just practise, the more you do it the easier it will become.  Make life easy by having a list of people you are going to work through.  If they are phone contacts have the number ready and on the list.  Do it when you have only a few minutes, this doesn’t have to be prolonged.  Making a phone call on your way out means that it can’t take up too much of yours or the other person’s time.  Diarise the call or conversation and do it without thinking about it.  On the wet days make it a phone call, and on the sunny days go and see someone.  To count, it really has to be a one to one conversation, not a general e-mail.  By all means text or e-mail to prepare you and them, but the idea is to practice personal engagement.  Other forms of communication are too easy for people to ignore.


Post on facebook how you are doing, let’s all give each other some moral support.  Don’t worry about the “No’s”  the more you collect the closer you are to building your business, because you will be closer to finding some “yes’”.  If you get a lot of people saying yes, DON’T STOP! If you keep asking you will just be booking your diary further in to the future. Keep a record, just make a note of the days you have asked the question, a tally chart will do, it will help keep you on track. It takes at least 30 days to build a habit and this is the one habit that will transform your business.  Let me know how it is going. If you do this I promise it will change your business for the better.

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