Fresh Air Friday Facilitators – Plan for a great Launch

Week 1

1. Write a contact list:  It should include everyone you know or have ever spoken to in your entire life – I mean it!

Relax give yourself some space and a big bit of paper and start writing it.  Get it out of your head because otherwise it takes up a lot of space and energy.  You will find as you actually write it you will think of other people.  Once you have just done the people that come to mind take different aspects of your life eg, school friends, kids parents, work, collage, services (hairdresser, dentist etc).  Keep writing, make no judgement about any of these people, don’t decide for them whether they would like Fresh Air Fridays or not.  They are going on this list, just because you know them well enough to say hello to. When you have done it walk away and leave it for a few days, you may find yourself nipping back to add people, and that is ok, but don’t worry about it in any way.

2. Decide when in your month a walk would work for you.  Don’t try to double guess what other people want.  When would it best work for you.  In that way it will serve you rather than drain you, and you will be able to show up in the right state for other people.

3. Write half a page on why you love Fresh Air Fridays (FAF).  What it does for you and why you are excited to share it with other people. This will be useful just to re-read when you are about to tell people about it.

4. Decide on your launch date, a minimum of 4 weeks but ideally six weeks from now.

5. Let me know how it is going and when your launch date is..

6. Diaries our monthly conference call


Week 2

1. Make a plan:

List 10 people you will contact this week.  Be specific about how to contact them.  It needs to be personal.  It is ok to email or text them if that is how you normally communicate and would expect a response. Make it personal though.  Group messages are ok as background, but if you want people to respond they have to know you are speaking to them.  Personal contact tends to be the most productive.  On your list include telephone numbers or where you intend to see them.

2. Talk to them!

3. Make a public announcement post your launch and your excitement on social media. I find it useful to create an event on facebook as it is an easy way to invite people.

 4. Send me 100-150 words introduction to you that you want to go on your Fresh Air Friday web page.  I also need a photo for your about me page and any contact details you want on there.  Here is an example of someone

5. I will have sent you a meditation download this week.  If you are comfortable with leading a meditation you are more than welcome to do your own, if not you may want to start listening to this so that you can be confident leading one on your walk.


Week 3

1. Make a list of 10-15 people with their details.

2. Talk to them.

3. Start planning your walk – A route you can walk briskly in an hour will probably take 2.5-3 hrs on a Fresh Air Friday.  Have a think about where you might stop to do 1.a breathing exercise near the beginning, 2.where you might start getting people to engage their senses, 3.where you could stop if you are planning a refreshment break and 4. where you might do a relaxation/meditation.

Don’t worry about getting it all right first time, just start going on a few walks and see which you like best.  The more walks you do the more pleasure you will have and you will begin to see exactly what you want to share.  Make this a really enjoyable part of the process, and please feel free to talk to me about it.

4. Post something on social media two or three times this week, may be talking about how your walk planning is going or what you have enjoyed whilst being out. You should have your website link by the end of this week.

5. I will have e-mailed you some information about the leading a breathing exercise, so you may want to start getting comfortable with this.  Try doing it yourself when you go out for a walk.


Week 4

1. Make a list of 10-15 people.

2. Talk to them

3. Post on social media at least two or three times this week.  On my website blog there are a couple of articles “Still your mind and move your body” and “what walking has done for me”  that are relevant.  There is a lot of material around about the benefits of mindfulness.

4. I will have e-mailed you some information about the material for your first walk, so start getting comfortable with the being present material.  You may want to try putting it into practice when you walk yourself.

5. Start deciding on your walk and check out the details with me.  Wherever possible I will try and come on your walk this week or next week.


Week 5

1. Decide where you are meeting so you can confirm that with the people who want to come.

2. Make a list of 10-15 people

3. Talk to them, and start asking people to commit this week.

4. Buy anything you need, I will have sent you a potential list of kit you may want by now.

5. Check that you have  public liability insurance.  If you are already insured, you may want to check that your insurance company are happy to insure you to take people out walking.  If you have no insurance Westminster Indemnity will happily insure you and they gave me the advice of ticking as many boxes as our relevant, so you may also be able to cover other aspects of your life.

6. You may choose to start posting the 10 day countdown for social media – “10 things that Fresh Air Fridays do for you”. Which I will have sent you by now.

7. Check you are happy with all three things you need to deliver 1. a breathing exercise; 2. leading people through being present; 3. leading a relaxation/meditation.


Week 6

Keep talking/get people committing/keep posting/get excited!

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