Filling Yourself up First

This theme comes early in what we teach on Fresh Air Fridays as it is so vital.  Many of us have been brought up to do things for others, in fact it is often considered good manners to put others before ourselves in many situations. Unfortunately if we spend all our time worrying and doing for other people without fulfilling our own needs eventually we will either burn out or become resentful. When however we look after ourselves, listen to what our bodies need and our hearts desire and seek to meet those needs, we fill ourselves up.  When we look after ourselves first we are in a so much better place to serve the people around us.  If we neglect ourselves then  eventually doing things for other people becomes unsustainable.  As they tell you when you get on to a plane: “In the event of an emergency put your own oxygen mask on first.” This month we are going to encourage you to make sure that you are looking after you.

In the words of Jim Rohn – “Will you look after you for me, if I look after me for you?” 

Far from being selfish to look after yourself it actually unburdens the people around you.  It is easier for you to know what you need than for the people around you.

So the first thing to ask yourself is what has all the information above made me feel?  Do you feel like you are already doing a pretty good job, or is it something you have never even thought about? Sit with that for a moment and think about it.  You will certainly have a chance to talk about it when you go out with your group, but what comes up for you now?

If you are really looking after yourself in all aspects of your life well done! Feel really good about that. If you are not looking after yourself that well, ask yourself the following questions: What would me looking after me look like? What would really make me happy? Is there anything that I would like to do that would really make your heart sing?  Is there anything I used to love doing as a child that was really good fun, but I haven’t done it for years? What could I do for myself to give me what I need? In this exercise, please don’t “should” all over yourself. It is not about I really ought to lose weight, learn more or exercise more, this is about what do I LOVE to do!

May be Fresh Air Fridays is one of those things, and committing to yourself to come out every time to allow you to have some space to nurture you. As well as Fresh Air Friday, I committed to myself to walking everyday (because I LOVE it).  By doing this I feel so much better I am able to do all the other things in my life much better.

Think about what you could do for you to really look after yourself. If you have never considered this before, your list might be very long.  I recommend that to begin with choosing just one change and start putting it in place. Make a note in your journal as to what you are committing to.  Start to day and then when you go out on your Fresh Air Friday walk you will have a chance to discuss how it is going.

Look after yourself and have fun!

Supporting people to join Fresh Air Fridays

We are never about heavy selling.  Fresh Air Fridays is a community designed to serve people.  Our job is to invite everyone, their job is to decide if it is for them.  We have made it a membership community in order that people make a commitment to themselves.  When someone has paid for something and has the date in their diary, they are far more likely to come than if they just wait and see what is going on nearer the time. The people who attend FAF most regularly are those that benefit the most.  We want that for all our members. We serve people best by encouraging them to act and commit.

I tend to talk about membership during our tea break.

I tell people what they get:

* Access to as many Fresh Air Friday walks a month as they choose.

* The monthly topic sent to them to read and practice.

* Journal pages for them to use to explore what is happening for them.

* An occasional guided meditation.

* Access to a vibrant online community including numerous great coaches who they can tap into.

* This is membership for life (as long as there is no break in their membership) we will never ask them for more money.

The cost to join the community is £25, but because we want to support people to make a commitment to themselves, if they join with in the first three days after the walk it will only cost them £20. **

The two objections that may come up are time and money.  I have seen time and time again when people make the commitment to give themselves some time to relax, unwind and reconnect with themselves, they become more efficient and focused in other parts of their life, and so effectively create more time.  One of our themes is to look after ourselves and put ourselves first we are asking members to do this at a cost of less than 67p a day.

Remind people as they leave how they can join, if you have an Ipad and reception you may be able to let people do it there and then.  Always follow up with  a phone call to new attendees.  Ask them how they found it and if they would like to join.  Be bold and ask the worst they will say is no.  You can then ask for your own information why that is.  It may enable you to reassure them about some of their fears.  If you always keep it about them, then you won’t go wrong.


** The code to give people is Yoursurname-themonthsabrieviation  eg Steggles-Sept

Please note this currently runs for the whole of the month, but to benefit you and your attendees we need to encourage it to be used in the first three days.  If this is abused a lot, then I will make sure that the codes are timed out earlier.  I am just giving us a bit of leeway as we start up and get more confident.

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