Getting out of our comfort zone 

This month on our walks we will be talking about getting out of our comfort zone.  As humans in order to be happy we tread a line between  the desire for certainty and the desire for some uncertainty to keep us excited, stretched and stimulated.

We all have a range of activities, skills and past times that we feel perfectly comfortable with.  These things are within our comfort zone. In order to really feel alive and to grow we need to occasionally push these boundaries and step outside our comfort zone. From the work I  have done with people over the last 16 years I see that just outside our comfort zone is where all the juice is, this is where all the excitement is and people begin to feel really alive.  I believe we are supposed to stretch and grow.  When we stretch ourselves we feel good.

Take some time to reflect on what this means to you.  Are there things that you haven’t done that you would really like to do? Things you haven’t done because they are too scary.  Perhaps you are an adventurous soul that is constantly stretching and looking for the next buzz.  If that is you are there things that you don’t do? May be paying a compliment to someone important to you. That might be your area of unease. Think about what a stretch might be for you.

If you come up with something huge, then you might want to start with some smaller steps.  What could you commit to doing this week that would stretch you a little.  The more we practice stretching the easier it becomes. Think about what kind of stretch you would like to do for you.

As a facilitator spend some time thinking what this means to you.  If you can’t think of anything, think about your bucket list or your dreams when you were a kid.  What makes you giggle because it is a little to scary.  If people on your walk come up with really big ideas, encourage them to think about what the first step to that big idea might be.  We don’t need to tell people what to do we need to give them space to think what they might like to do.

A fun exercise

If this feels right to you and you have the time, you might want to pair people up.  The first person is to pay the other person a compliment.  It needs to be genuine and heart felt.  Encourage them to look the other person in the eye and really mean what they say.  The job of the other person is to receive it.  Look the person paying the compliment in the eye and really hear what is being said.  They may choose to say nothing or simply thank you, but they need to try to receive without batting it away.  For many people this is out of their comfort Zone and a lovely thing to practice doing.

We don’t necessarily have to do big things to get out of our comfort zone.  What small things can people commit to doing to just get into the habit of stretching their comfort zone.

Have fun!


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