Space for Celebration

As we come into the final month of the year, it is important to take some time out for reflection and rejuvenation. It is not uncommon for people to look and see what went wrong and what they would like to do much better.  In contrast this month I would like to encourage you to deeply acknowledge the things that you have done well this year.

You may choose to use your journal pages or another lovely place you can honour yourself.  Set the scene so you are relaxed, perhaps light some candles and put on some music that speaks to you. Maybe you would choose to go for a walk first, but set aside some time for you to spend writing about the good stuff and really exploring your achievements from the tiny things to the momentous ones.  You may come across things that didn’t go quite the way you planned, but notice how you handled them, you are here now, so you did survive. Have you improved a relationship; shown kindness to someone else; acknowledge that something needs to change; taken the first small step towards doing something different or continued doing something that is really important to you?  Whatever things there are, for this exercise don’t spend time on the “next time I will……” just really notice the good stuff, really feel them, see them, hear them. Appreciate and acknowledge yourself. What have you done well at this year? What can you say “I am good at…..”?

In life we attract things based on our energy and how we are feeling.  If you can acknowledge the good stuff about yourself you will start experiencing more.

More than ever before this month is about holding space for your attendees. Many people are not good at acknowledging their strengths. When you come to the time when you intend to talk about the theme this month, offer some reassurance, discourage people from comparing, acknowledge everything irrespective of a judgement of it isn’t very much.  Where appropriate, people may want to notice other peoples achievements.

“I am good……” at game 

Recently a few people round my kitchen table played the “I am good at…..” game.  It was much harder than you might think.  We took it in turns  to clearly state “I am good at……” then whatever it was. Don’t let people shrink it with a “quite” good or an “I am ok at”.  If you and your group are feeling bold try adding “really” good at.  This is more powerful than it first appear. It would be a good follow up to play after people have acknowledged their achievements for the year.

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