I have been thinking about writing this for a couple of weeks. I had just re-subscribed to Success Magazine and I had forgotten how stimulating it was. Since I started in Business 18 years ago, reading daily has been one of my habits. I have read many “success guru’s” talk about life time learning as an essential part of success. The content it’s self is obviously very useful, and I find myself in all sorts of situations where I have a bit of information because I read it.  As I was reading this magazine and later in the day as I was listening to the associated CD in my car, I realised it was so much more than simply the ideas and the content. Even more than the education, I found myself motivated and excited. It is a form of connection when someone shares their ideas with you there is a feeling of rapour. No longer am I doing this thing on my own, but other people have done something similar, perhaps shared similar challenges. Even though the information is just one way as I read it feels like dialogue.

Yesterday I was reminded about this when I attended a sales training with Martyn Slowman AKA The “Yes” Man of Gold Dust Sales Speaking and Training. Martyn is a great speaker and trainer, relaxed, reassuring and knowledgeable.  One of the things that he mentioned several times during the session is the need to invest in yourself personally. It was very helpful to hear things I new already, that I needed reminding of or to hear them in a different way. There were several AHA moments of new information, but as important, was that connectedness: I am not alone; I can do this; other people experience this stuff too; there are people out there to talk to and help you. The more I ask for help the faster I can travel and the further I can go.

I have come away motivated and gently adjusted my activities once more based on good information. I am excited by the next things I have to do and importantly I have found someone else there to help me.

By putting my personal development high on my list of priorities, I am able to find more of the help I need and at least as important have more fun along the way. Grab that book you have been meaning to open or sign up to that seminar – you won’t regret it and you will find even more help along the way!

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