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At school I loved maths and the sciences, (largely because you didn’t have to learn stuff, you could just work it out and I didn’t believe I was any good at writing essays).  I loved being on the stage and organising people, particularly in my role as head girl. At the time, there was a lot of positive discrimination for women going into engineering and, never one to follow the crowd, that is the route I took.

1986-1991 Bath University. I was sponsored, first by Marconi communications and then by Hewlett Packard, during my degree in Manufacturing Engineering. As I graduated, a careers advisor suggested that I go into teaching.  At the time I decided to take offence and ignore his advice. (Read my post on this here)

1991-1992  Panasonic Duffryn Newport. I spent a very unhappy six months resisting people pushing me into design and development. I eventually came to my senses, left and worked in (ran) a coffee shop; much to the horror of some of my family. At the time I decided it would be sensible to do a personality profile and see a career counsellor, who said “have you ever thought of going into teaching”.(Read my post about this aspect here)

Edited highlights of the next few years:

1992-1993 PGCE Physics at Birmingham University.

1993-1996 Physics teacher Barry Boys school

1995-1996 Assistant year Head

1996 Planned Family Career Break

1998 – 2000 Trader with Dorling Kindersley

2001-2002 Trader with Ragged Bears Including a brief return to teaching

2002- Present Independent Phoenix Trader

2013- Present The Fresh Air Coach

So in September 1992, I set off to do a PGCE in Physics (because there was a bigger bursary to teach Physics than Maths and it paid for our wedding).  When I did start teaching, I found I loved it!

With hindsight, I realised that my early working life was an exploration of what I should be doing.  My organisational and problem solving skills took me through my degree and working in industry.  My affinity with people, was presumably obvious to the careers advisors I had seen, but it took me a while to realise it!  Teaching in the classroom was the first time I discovered how rewarding it was to help other people grow and find their own path.

I made a deliberate decision to have a career break when we started our family.  It was quite by accident that I stumbled upon someone selling children’s books (books are an absolute passion of mine).  I joined to buy my own books at a discount and I discovered the joy and flexibility of direct selling.

In the early days my primary function was still as a mother, but it was wonderful to have something that exercised my brain and extended beyond the discussion of nappies. In the early days, I couldn’t see how to make money in this business and stood on my door step telling the person who had introduced me to the business that, “if I wanted to earn £100 pounds I would go and do a day supply teaching”.  It makes me smile now because, as I now understand the business I know what to do when I need extra money.

My journey in Network Marketing hasn’t been plain sailing. In the beginning I fitted it very much into the nooks and crannies of my life. At times, if we had a family crisis, I put it down but, at a time when we were particularly hard up and we needed the money, I became very focused and my business grew in response.  This roller-coaster ride of experiences is exactly why I have a wealth of knowledge that I have used to help other people along their journey.

I have a very successful business now, but I have had to challenge the way I think along the way. I have worked on developing myself. I have had to recognise and respond to my value set and learn a range of skills in order to run my own business. I have wrestled with insecurities and inhibitions, but ultimately I have succeeded.  Now, when talking to others I often refer to the quote from Jim Rohn “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.” It’s served me well.

I am hugely grateful for the opportunities that Network Marketing has given me. The opportunity to stay at home with my children and to be the mum that I wanted to be has been hugely important to me. At the same time, I have been able to build a rewarding and stimulating career, building from part time to full time income on part time hours. For me the most rewarding aspect has been to help and support other people to do the same. One of the reasons that I chose to become a qualified NLP Practitioner and Coach. The experience of building my own business and the personal journey I have been on through that and my personal life enables me to coach my clients in an experienced and empathetic way.

I have loved watching people grow in confidence through this process.

I feel as though I have set a great example to my children about work life balance and I am so excited about sharing my experience with a wider audience. If you choose to walk along side me for any part of your own journey there are so many stories I want to tell you that I am confident will help you on your way. I believe that we should all have freedom of choice and one of my aims is to help you have yours. I wish you a happy life filled with joy and contentment and hope to share some of it with you.
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