It is not about being a sales person.

One of the most common concerns I come across when people are looking at network marketing is that they are not a sales person.  My reaction to that is great! You don’t need to be.  Network marketing should never be about hard selling or persuading the people you know to buy things they don’t want to. I understand completely why people don’t want to be like that, but rest assured that is not what successful Network Marketers are like.

Have you ever bought or been given something you love, or thought was really useful and a great idea?  Have you then told your friends or family how brilliant you think it is and how they should get one too.  Well that is all you have to do.  The job of someone in network marketing is to tell the people they know about something that they think is really great, good value for money or helpful.  The other person can then decide for themselves whether it is something they want or need.

Do you like helping people, most people do. If you found something that you thought was great, you could supply to your friends and the people they know, you would be helping a whole bunch of people by making their lives easier or better. This is a business where you can really make a difference to a lot of people and make their lives happier.

Because you will be telling people what you like about your product, make sure that you do really like it, or think it is great value for money, or can really benefit people.  If you need to persuade yourself of a product, then you shouldn’t be recommending it to other people.  One of the reasons I joined the company I am with, is that I realised I wanted to buy a lot of the product.  It then made it really easy to show people, because I love it.

The people around you know and like you just the way you are, and you don’t need to change that to be good in this business.  People buy people, so carry on being you and everyone will be happy!

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