Listen to other people and do the things you love.

For anyone who has read my biography you may have noticed that I had quite clear signs along the way as to where I should be going, but my own stubbiness’ prevented me from following that advice. I was delivered a miserable experience to make me listen. I do want to encourage you to raise your awareness of what the universe and the people around you are saying.

When I was completing my degree at university the careers counsellor suggest that I go into teaching.  All my family we teachers and I took great offence that that was the only thing they could think to do with a female engineer!  I didn’t give him any credit for recognising my personal qualities. A year later after being very frustrated in an engineering post another career councillor did a personality test and suggested the same thing.  Whilst I didn’t leap straight away; I did listen more and start exploring the idea.

Whilst I enjoyed being in the class room and making a difference to some pupils, it wasn’t until I fell into my direct selling career that I really realised that my skill was in training and supporting adults.

Other sign posts have been there; at school, though I was no great actor, I loved being on the stage.  When I was head girl, I remember one of the staff admiring me for sitting on the stage in assembly.  I thought she was mad I loved it!

Within the business I am in there has always been a strong training ethos, and it is one of the areas I have always thoroughly enjoyed.  Whenever there has been an opportunity to take to the stage and share my experience I have lept at it. Last year, In order to bring through one of my leaders I handed over one a series of meetings to her, and missed that interaction so much.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and it is easy to look back and say that led, to that which led to that.  I believe I am more open to what I am being told now, it isn’t often that the universe has to give me a really hard slap before I follow the path to which I am best suited!

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