I love to read other peoples blogs. Someone else’s ideas or perspectives; give me an opportunity to think and reflect on my own ideas about what they are saying.

Sometimes they simply expand my awareness and make me think about something I have never thought about before. One of the joys of having my own website is that I now have my own place for my thoughts on the world and things that come into my life. I hope you enjoy reading my musings, please never take offence they are simply my thoughts, and I would really value any feedback you have, so do take the time to leave some.


How to prevent drive turning into depression!

This week I met a business owner of 28 years; he has a successful business that is working well and he continues to look for ways to improve it. A few years back though he had an episode that wasn’t so great. He would wake up in the night in a cold sweat, this feeling... read more

Life time learning is so much more than information!

I have been thinking about writing this for a couple of weeks. I had just re-subscribed to Success Magazine and I had forgotten how stimulating it was. Since I started in Business 18 years ago, reading daily has been one of my habits. I have read many “success... read more

#freshairfoto Challenge

For years I nagged my husband for a dog, thinking that if I had a dog I would have to walk every day. It eventually dawned on me that I could walk everyday without a dog. So on 19th of December 2013 I committed to myself that I would walk everyday. In the beginning I... read more

“In your presence I feel…….”

In the spirit of Brene Brown and her encouragement to be vulnerable, I am going to admit to you that I have had a REALLY unpleasant habit.  It is something I have predominantly saved for people I really care about.  I have openly claimed to use it as a way of showing... read more

How a Mindfulness Exercise Can Change January

How a mindfulness exercise can change January I am not one to be negative, but this year I have found myself falling into the story that says January is a really miserable month! It’s been cold, I’ve been tired, I have felt overwhelmed and the duvet has been a welcome... read more

Still your mind and move your body!

Still your mind and move your body! A friend was telling me about a colleague who was giving a talk about mental health.  He seemed a robust and cheerful man. He was talking about his grandfather and his father and how they had led long and healthy lives.  He then... read more

What walking has done for me!

What walking has done for me! The first physical challenge I remember was when in year nine my school, in their infinite wisdom, decided we should all be taken to Wales for a team bonding experience. As we struggled the last few hundred feet up Cader Idris, I realised... read more

“Bring it on!”

“Bring it on” I am big on personal responsibility and choice.  I know that we have a choice about how we feel about things and how we respond to the things around us.  Now whilst that is mostly good and makes lots of circumstances much more pleasant and often fun,... read more

Who are you without any makeup?

  Who are you without any makeup?  I would like to start this with the Caveat that I may be over reacting a bit, and I may have missed a bit of this current challenge that says please make your selfie look really bad (I am not great at reading detail). However my... read more

Who is on your team?

Who is on your team? I was coaching someone recently and she said to me “I need to be able to model myself” – I didn’t really get what she meant, so asked her to explain.  She told me how on the good days she had all the resources she needs, she knows how to be... read more

What to cook when a chef comes to tea!

What to cook when a chef comes to tea! OMG, what to cook when a chef and two people you have never met come to tea. Now I consider myself a relatively accomplished cook and now have a sparkly new kitchen to go with it. However I am careful in the invitation to throw... read more

Get creative, make space to think!

 Get creative, make space to think! I stopped for a moment this morning, and realised, that it had been far too long since I had written anything on my Blog.  I asked myself why? and realised that January is a really busy month for me.   Whilst I usually have ideas... read more

What would you say…

What would you say to your 21 year old self? I am grateful to my wonderful niece Bethany who asked me this question when she was compiling a gift for her younger sister who was about to be 21. I recommend that you spend some time thinking about it.  For me it started... read more

It is not about being a sales person…

It is not about being a sales person. One of the most common concerns I come across when people are looking at network marketing is that they are not a sales person.  My reaction to that is great! You don’t need to be.  Network marketing should never be about hard... read more

A New Venture…

A new Venture. Have you ever started something new? Are you like me of the compulsive nature where you just think let’s give it a go and see what happens, or are you a meticulous planner?  Neither is right or wrong, they both have their advantages and disadvantages. ... read more

The Joy of Responsibility…

The Joy of Responsibility. Whilst I was looking at things I would have liked to tell my 21 year old self, it got me thinking about other things I could add, one of the biggest things that has changed my life… responsibility. Now we have a teenage son and if you... read more

Listen to other people and …

Listen to other people and do the things you love. For anyone who has read my biography you may have noticed that I had quite clear signs along the way as to where I should be going, but my own stubbiness’ prevented me from following that advice. I was delivered a... read more

The stories we tell ourselves…

The stories we tell ourselves… I was with a couple of friends and we were talking about language and in particular single words and the effect they can have on us.  One of my friends was saying that “only” is a really powerful word and he was describing how it... read more

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