Who are you without any makeup? 

I would like to start this with the Caveat that I may be over reacting a bit, and I may have missed a bit of this current challenge that says please make your selfie look really bad (I am not great at reading detail). However my Facebook page is covered with pictures of both dear friends and casual acquaintances that frankly are looking pretty rough.  Now I am not for a moment saying please everyone go and get your make up back on in fact exactly the opposite. I get that this all probably started as a fun and simple idea to raise money for charity, what really scares me is how many people have interpreted how to show up with “No make-up”.

Let me give you an opposite example: We all know when someone is in love….you can see it in their eyes, they take on this glow, their self-esteem is high and they float in a way they didn’t the day before.  They haven’t changed anything about their hair or make up but they and we know that things are different.  We don’t need to change what we put on to look good, but we do need to change how we feel. What I am witnessing at the moment is people feeling as soon as I take my mask off I look rubbish, I can see it in your eyes…”ooh no make-up lets slump and look shattered because this isn’t the way I can show up and be amazing”.  I would like to say here and now that everyone I now is truly beautiful but the way some of you are showing up on my computer screen implies that you don’t see that all.  The most wonderful thing to come out of this exercise would be if we could all fall in love with ourselves so that we can have that extra glow, raise our self-esteem and know we are enough!   Beauty is way more than skin deep please spend some time with your inner beauty and then let it shine. I look forward to seeing you on my screen as the awesome soul that you are!

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